Dear All,

Here we all stand, …3 years after … and 2 days & a few weeks after again Nice and Paris …

Just here at the entrance of Pier 40, at 15 hours and 4 minutes … fractions away from a so called fame …
A person totally frustrated and very lost in our daily world will enter and disbalance cowardly in a 12 seconds start the life of 20 fellow citizens all coming to this so unique city for its multicultural open mindset.
Two weeks ago in Paris another so frustrated person beheaded Samuel Paty; a human teacher equally open to all worlds as these 2 journalists loosely attacked also in Paris while excercising their profession and covering with passion the scenaries of action in their jobs.
… Last thursday in Nice … praying people got ripped off our beloved planet as an exchange bill of frustration.

On March 11th 2020 in Paris at the UNESCO building, I spoke at the opening of the 16th European remembrance day for victims of Terrorism, mentioning among others that these acts were unfortunately a new society phenomenon. The recent events of Paris and Nice are sad confirmations.

But I refuse dear all to sink in bitterness!

We all must stand united in the request of seek of balance of our different communities.
All … meaning … everyone throughout our world, No matter our life standards, No matter our believes & faiths,
No matter if we are guided by religion or morality in our daily paths.
Every single survivor is a whitness to testify us what never should be forgotton;
That it is human humility to remain in seek of balance what brought us our greatest periods of peace!
So … together … let’s all transmit this seek; for friendship, for reasonable ambitions, for reasonable passions, for love magic power from where we all come from.

History tells us and will continue to show us that every time that mankind gets lost and denies to learn out of it’s mistakes it is caught back.
Never has it been necessary to polarise, to divide and separate, to harm, to desecrate if only to be aware to engage our own on isolated walking paths. We may never forget that men wrote their nicest pages of history throughout construction not destruction!

As no human being is made to live isolated, the assistance of radicalised souls is of society priotity importance.
To be able to turn things around and redirect your life should be an option to all souls and human beings.
Our mother earth opens up daily her wings of color & tastes as an invitation to love and share.

I love my planet and allthough NY happened, I keep the faith, believe and hope in all the people, religions and cultures of our beautiful world.
Please feel free to share and may we never loose faith & hope for love to conquer any hatred.

With human regards,
Aristide Melissas